Meet Daniel

danielfieldDaniel Field is an ingredient researcher, a product formulator, an industry consultant and a leading expert in hairdressing

Professional Hairdressing

Daniel pioneered the use of safe, pure and gentle high performing professional  products back in the late 1970’s. Daniel’s first product company was called The Organic Hair Company Ltd and their original brand was aptly called Nature Care professional.Daniel launched the first of his ten salons on the back of this concept, Daniel Field Organic and Mineral Hairdressing, in Crouch End in London back in 1981. Daniel is  also specialist product consultant for many well-known hair product companies. Daniel co-founded The Organic and Mineral Research Institute in 1994 producing professional hair colouring and lightening products for salons worldwide.

Home hair products

In 1988 he launched his first signature range of home hair care and hair colouring products under the daniel field organic and mineral hairdressing brand, first through Boots stores and then in over sixty countries.

His home care brand exceeds everything he has created before and is available from the salon and his mail order company, daniel field direct

DANIEL’S Philosophy

Daniel’s concept of safe, pure, gentle yet high performing hair care and hair colouring products continues to gain widespread popularity amongst both hairdressing salons and home hair users worldwide. The focus of his ingredient research has always been safe, pure, higher performing product formulations for both salon professional’s use and home care. daniel has always been promoting vegan and cruelty free cosmetics and has been working in environmental awareness since 1987.

Daniel Field Consultation Clinic

Daniel Field is acknowledged, as a world leader is specialist hairdressing services with over thirty years experience formulating, colouring and cutting the hair of people suffering from medical challenges such as chemotherapy.

‘Chemo-safe’ Colour

Daniel Field produces his own unique hair colouring formulations specifically for those who have had chemotherapy. Daniel is expert in colouring post chemo hair, which takes to hair colouring very differently. Chemo hair is also very delicate and requires both different products and different skills to normal hairdressing. Chemosafe Colour has been formulated especially for those who have been chemically sensitized and require the gentlest yet most effective hair colourants.

hair and scalp problems and products

Daniel will help solve all your hair, scalp and skin problems. we sell our own ranges of especially formulated hair, scalp and skin products. Our philosophy plays great emphasis when producing these high performing products and with this in mind we exclude fragrances, preservatives, suspect toxins common allergens and potential irritants making these amongst the safest, purest and most effective hair, scalp and skin care products in the world.

Colour Correction Specialist

With his superior skills and gentle hair colouring products, Daniel is the colour correction specialist of choice for both hairdressing insurance companies and the public at large. Daniel is often able to sort out hair colour challenges even when the hair has been damaged seemingly beyond repair.Daniel can confidently guarantee that whatever the problem is, if it is correctable he can do so without further hair damage.

Insurance Companies

At present the two main UK insurance companies choose Daniel Field as their hair colour consultant expert. If a salon gets sued for hair colour error or hair damage chances are Daniel Field will be invited to mitigate the damages.

Nationwide Salon Colour Correction Service

 Daniel provides a discreet service for salons in this area. Many salons send their own clients here from all over the country either before or after causing or further exacerbating hair colouring challenges. Contact Daniel Field directly in utmost discretion 07714 028184

Clients Colour Correction Service

If your hair colour has lost its way, Daniel Field can personally sort it. It rarely costs more to correct a hair colouring problem as Daniel works with the speed and skill of an expert with nearly forty years experience in this area.

Hair Damage specialist

If your hair is damaged, Daniel is certainly the person to consult. Whether from another salon’s negligence or your own efforts, if it is correctable, Daniel can do it.

Contact for a private consultation

Daniel splits his time between his Barnet salon, his commercial consultation company, his many product businesses and his hair, skin and nutraceutical research laboratory. If you would like a personal consultation about your hair or skin relating to allergy, chemotherapy, hair care, hairdressing or hair colouring, please call in the first place our Reception Manager, Anna on 0208 441 2224

Weekly Availability:

Monday – 11 – 8

Tuesday 9-5

Wednesday 9-5

Thursday 11=8

Price List.

Consultation only £30 per 15 minutes booked

Cutting and Styling

Shampoo and Blow Dry from £30

Cut and Blow Dry from £70

Wet Cut from £55

Gents Cut and Dry from £55


Blow Dry with Daniel not included (includes natural or
lamp dry and all finishing and styling products.)

Root Colour Application from £55
Full Head Colour from £65
Colour Correction By Quotation (£110 per hour spent actually applying)

Foil Lights

Blow Dry with Daniel not included (includes natural or
lamp dry and all finishing and styling products.)

Top Section from £54

Half Head from £81

Full Head (90 mins) from £134

Full Head (more than 90 mins) by quotation £110 per hour actually applying)