Care for your health and your hair

There is a special emphasis here at daniel field on your health, quite unlike any other salon.

Daniel Field has forty years experience helping people look after their hair both preventing health issues and coping with existing health issues.

in fact a high number of our clientele suffer with health related issues including hair loss, chemical sensitivities, lung problems like asthma, skin problems, muscle weaknesses and cancer. Our Clients come recommended by natural health practitioners, GPs, specialists, oncology nurses, allergy and dermatology clinics.

Specialist hair and health clinic-

For many years, Daniel has run a holistic hair and scalp clinic. Much like an animal with a healthy coat, humans inner health can be reflected in the condition of their hair and scalp. Daniel can provide you with holistic health related advice both to help the presenting condition and correct other health related issues.

Specialist salon and home products for health related issues

Daniel Field produces specialist salon and home care products for hair, skin and scalp, suitable for a clientele suffering with a wide number of health related issues.

Specialist salon and home products for lung, eyes, skin sensitivities

 Daniel’s first salon in Crouch End was the very first salon in the UK to ban smoking in 1981.The Daniel Field Clinic is suitable for those with multiple sensitivities. His entire salon colouring ranges are formulated with allergy, sensitivity and toxins in mind. Indeed Daniel was the first person to produce ammonia free and fragrance free  products used in perming, hair bleach and hair colorants. Daniel has chemical and fragrance free shampoos conditioners and styling products for both salon and home use. If you have any health issue please tell Daniel.

Specialist products and care before during and after chemo

Daniel is a patron of Cancer Active, a charity that promotes and campaigns to raise awareness of complimentary practices to prevent and treat cancer. If you are or have undergone chemotherapy you will be greatly heartened with a visit to Daniel’s salon clinic. Daniel produces a complete range of clinically safe hair and skin products suitable for use before, during and after chemotherapy. Daniel’s clinic specialises in chemo-safe hair colouring, specialist hair cutting and styling, as well chemo safe-curl relaxing and hair growth treatments for chemo induced hair loss. It is not normally recommended that you colour your hair for 6 to 12 months after chemotherapy but at Daniel Field you can safely do so at anytime both throughout the chemo treatment if you have hair and afterwards. When your hair first grows back it may be finer at first. You will probably have a full head of very short hair after 3–6 months. You may also find that this first crop of new hair is curlier than it was before.

Daniel safely relaxes unwanted chemo-curls without harming this delicate new hair. 

It may also be a slightly different colour, or sometimes a lot greyer than you were expecting! When this new hair starts to grow, it may even rub or break off more easily at first. Daniel will guide you with unparalleled expertise using his totally unique chemo-safe salon products so that as soon as possible you feel that you no longer want to wear a wig or other head covering.