Here are the links to the Daniel Field Network in the United Kingdom

The Daniel Field Salon in Barnet is but a small all be it important part of the Daniel Field Network.

At its heart is Daniel Field who works in this salon.  When he isn’t here he is either developing products in his laboratory with his team, performing consultations as leading expert, helping his brand distributers with their own label ranges, researching, writing or giving talks.

Public Services

Daniel Field Barnet Salon www.danielfieldsalon.co.uk

For members of the public searching for a salon dedicated to your holistic care. Care for your hair using only safe, pure products free from harsh hair-damaging chemicals,  care for your health by using only toxic free and hypo allergenic products , the care of animals by using only vegan products and care for our environment by using only sustainable and biodegradable products.-all in an atmosphere of CARE

Daniel Field Harley Street Suite danielfieldsuite.co.uk

Chemotherapy usually plays havoc with hair, on your head, eyebrows and eyelashes. Where do you go to help? This exclusive suite of rooms on the third floor at 1 Harley Street W.1. is a one stop shop,  just for people before, during and after chemotherapy. The list of services provided includes wigs, cutting, colouring, highlighting, hair, scalp and skin care, eye brows and eye lashes. This suite represents a sensitive and much needed service for a growing number of women and the cutting edge in the products used.

Hairdressing Industry 

Natural Alternative Hairdressing naturalalternativehairdressing.com

For both hair salon owners and freelance hairdressers wishing to use my professional Natural Alternative hairdressing products on their clients. Groundbreaking product breakthroughs that will instantly set you ahead by about thirty years when compared to the ‘same old, same old’ hairdressing systems from Wella,  L’Oreal et al.

Your Salon Signature yoursalonsignature.co.uk

It costs quite a bit for a hairdressing salon to create their own retail range. Modern graphic design, packaging that stands out from the crowd, an image that represents the salon? As for the performance of the products they wish to sell, well without ongoing product development in this highly active field, lets face it L’oreal and Wella products will be better. Not so now! With my heritage in haircare I have produced what I believe is the benchmark in salon retail hair care products and I am committed to remaining ahead of this game! Your Salon Signature went one further. With an in house graphic design team, a wide range of suitable and product tested packaging to choose from and their digital label printing system, Your Salon Signature is about to transform salon retailing. If you believe your salon can retail and you can convince these guys, they will even make the investment leaving you free to start selling with no outlay or risk.

Daniel Field Direct Mail Order  www.danielfieldmailorder.co.ukWant to colour your hair at home without risk? Daniel Field Direct sells our most advanced home hair colouring systems and hair care product ranges, including the world famous Advanced Water Colour range.
Super Brain Food  http://superbrainfood.co.ukThe cellular nutrient value of certain micro algae still form the basis of this superfood. Super Brain Food has been building on 20,000 person years of research from the late 1970′s onwards. Mostly carried out by Russian scientists for both animal and human health we here at The Daniel Field Laboratory  continue this work. Each year we release an updated version, as new research discovers more about how to preserve an ageing brain and maintain it in optimum condition throughout our lives.
Hair Growth Active hairgrowthactive.comFor full information and how to obtain the world’s most advanced 100% natural hair growth solutions. We here at The Daniel Field Laboratory have been working with Japanese and Korean hair growth researchers, to discover how to solve most hair growth challenges without drugs. We have discovered:
How to grow your hair faster, thicker and longer.
How to prevent hair loss even normal hair shedding.
How to stop existing hair loss.
How to reverse most common hair loss problems.Super Sensitives www.supersensitives.comThis site is committed to providing especially formulated products for super sensitive skin and scalp.Super Sensitives are perfect for you if:You have sensitive skin that is easily irritated?Suffer from allergies?

If you feel unwell when exposed to certain ingredients?

If you concerned about toxins and what you put on your skin daily?

If you are having or have had chemotherapy?



Daniel Field, a leading innovator, pioneering high performing hair, skin and nutritional products. His philosophy has always been green, with safety, purity and  naturalness at the core