Hair Growth

Introducing Hair Growth Active Concentrate.

Hair Growth Active Concentrate is a world class breakthrough, a 100% natural hair growth stimulant that genuinely works.

Daniel Field completed two versions in January 2014. HGAC 1 for drier hair and HGAC 2 for very fine hair

Over 2000 people use HGAC right now and we are gaining more and more remarkable data every day. The active ingredients that make up HGAC have undergone numerous clinical trials. There is clear unequivocal evidence that demonstrates this product is quite remarkable. At present we are collating video blogs from hundreds of users and setting up an online E commerce website dedicated to this but for now it is only available from the salon and by post upon request. £12 for a 60ml spray for either formulation plus postage

Most people have achieved remarkable results from three bottles onwards-a tiny investment. Remembering to apply seems to be a bigger issue for most people than it’s efficacy.  HGAC is designed to be used ad infinitum.

Feedback from users between January 2014 to January 2015

The End of Natural Shedding

Users report a marked reduction of natural hair shedding per day after just 4 – 6 weeks of continuous use. Most report they do not loose any hair at around 6 weeks. By that time, the average person should have at least 20% more growing hairs on their head. Check your brush, comb, and shower tray after shampooing.  You should  expect this result even if you have a pre-existing medical problem such as anaemia and/or hair loss has been a side effects of the drugs you take.

Faster growing hair

Users also report their hair grows faster. We would expect your hair to grow equally quickly, 365 days a year at an optimum speed without seasonal or health related drops.

Longer hair

Users also reported their hair grows longer than ever before. We would expect your hair to continue to grow as long as you want, ad infinitum

Hair Loss Retardation

Users also reported that the three most common forms of hair loss, in both men and women stops around four to six weeks use. Where the hair loss cause/s can be ascertained and removed we would obviously recommend the user does so in conjunction with continued use but where this has not been possible users report very positively.

Hair Loss Prevention

HGAC was designed to prevent the commonest forms of hair loss onset both in males and females whatever their age. Theoretically, if used at a young enough age, HGAC should prevent people ever having to experience any form of common hair loss. We recommend starting HGAC at aged 10 for girls and at aged 11 for boys as part of their teeth cleaning ritual.

Hair Loss Restoration

It seems in some cases it is never to late to start. The first and oldest person to start using was 90. She had been extremely thin on the top of her head for over forty years experiencing Androgenic Alopecia. Her scalp started to regrow peach type fuzz after just ten days, and proper baby fine, vellus hair by three weeks. Her hair continues to increase and thicken every week and is now growing thicker tellus hair. She is very happy. The youngest is a 15 year old boy. His hair loss was triggered at puberty, around aged 13. By 15 he had a receded hairline that was causing him to feel depressed. Following a prank, (his friends shaved his head) the realisation that he was going bald due to Androgenic Alopecia just like his father, had sunk in and so he started to use this. Six weeks later his hairline has returned. His hair had grown at 12 weeks to 2 inches long, twice the average speed. He plans to continue this twice a day forever plus he remembers to clean his teeth!

What happens if you stop using HGAC?

Each follicular unit in the scalp requires the microscopic actives to stay permanently in the growing phase.  If any follicular unit doesn’t receive the required level of nutrients on a continuous daily basis, one has to expect the natural loss/growth cycle to resume. Unlike hair loss after pregnancy which can be severe, those who totally stop using HGAC report a less dramatic return to their natural cycle of loss and growth at around the  7 -10 day mark.

Instructions It can be applied just as easily damp or dry. Spray from around six inches away. If you need to, separate your hair to ensure you have lightly covered your entire scalp. In this way HGAC has no cosmetically negative effects on your hair. If your hair has just been washed and styled, your hair will remain as before application without leaving any visible residue on either the hair or scalp. HGAC evaporates without wetting the hair as it contains no water. HGAC Spray relies on the water content in natural sweat to become activated and absorbed into your scalp.

Ingredients Ethanol Pisum Sativum Peptide Propanediol Camellia Japonica Seed Oil Aristotelia Chilensis Fruit Extract Astaxanthin Oryza Sativa Bran Extract Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract Mentha Viridis Extract