Poor to Perfect- guaranteed!

Whether you naturally have poor hair or its become damaged by mechanical, thermal or chemicals look no further!

The Solution-Protein Restructuring Treatment

If you thought you were in the wrong queue when they were giving out perfect hair or it became damaged over time, all that is no longer an issue-you will have the hair of your dreams from now on. Do you want your hair in perfect condition, feel as soft and silky as velvet, look as shiny as a supermodel on a hair care commercial, stay completely smooth and frizz free, whatever the weather, with no loss of natural body or movement? Okay this one sounds highly improbable if not impossible but actually nature and science have come of age. Not wishing to sound big headed but I have cracked this one and it is a becoming a game changer the world over. I have created a 100% natural hair treatment that will transform most people’s hair into perfect condition in one treatment and the direct effect lasts for a good three to four months, provided obviously you don’t then damage your hair during this period. If you start looking after your hair with our natural alternative systems you probably won’t need this treatment again but if you have naturally poor hair you can simply renew the effect if you like at around that time.

The treatment costs around £250 approximately and is presently being offered by some members of our team at somewhere between £75-£125 so it isn’t a fortune and you will leave my salon on that very same day completely amazed, with the hair of your dreams-guaranteed although Any hair that was totally irreparable should be trimmed.

The Protein Restructuring Treatment process

We wash your hair thoroughly in a special shampoo. Next we blot your hair slightly. We apply the treatment and comb it through.  We rough dry your hair and then seal the cuticles down as smooth as silk using special thermostatically controlled irons.

Partial Relaxer If you want to relax the movement by up to 50% we leave it all on and you wash it at home 24 hours later. If its just perfect condition your looking for we wash it there and then and style it.

Pay nothing if your not entirely amazed!

We can recommend aftercare from our special haircare ranges.