Organic and Mineral Colouring and Highlighting

Semi permanents, permanents and all hair lighteners including hair bleach rely on oxidizers  such as developer. Developer contains hydrogen peroxide which is then mixed with an alkaline hair colour or an ammoniated bleach. This process creates a chemical reaction called alkaline oxidization. Any type of oxidization damages protein and your hair is made up of 97% keratin protein. but Not all oxidization processes are chemical alkaline reactions. Natural sunlight oxidizes hair but sunlight just like hair Bleach and hair colouring, degrades hair to some degree, dependent on the degree of oxidization occurring.

Cosmetic chemists have tried for years to oxidize hair with less hair damage. In 1987 Daniel Field became the first person to crack this problem by creating the word’s first harmless developer/peroxide. Fruity Booster replaced standard developer/peroxides and since that time Daniel Field salons  have never used normal developer again. With our hair colouring products and methods there is need to compromise, you can have any colouring effect you like without damage.

Our world class colouring breakthroughs include:

The Water Colour System
Water Colour was first developed by Daniel Field in 1995. It was world class breakthrough both then and still is now. Water Colour is the first and only completely harmless hair colouring range that is highly accurate and highly effective at covering grey hair. It is also the only ‘just add water’ colourant without the common hair dye allergen, PPD. Water Colour comes as a powder in 36 intermixable shades. Suitable for covering any hair type, virgin, chemically coloured, bleached or grey hair. Water Colour can be used to tone, blend in greys like a semi, or provide more solid coverage like a permanent tint, depending on the shade and the concentration. Water Colour does not lift the natural colour, it simply adds colour, without any scalp irritation, hair damage or increased processing times and lasts well.

The Organic and Mineral Hair Colouring System
(O & M)
The O & M System is our alternative to the standard permanent hair dye and developer/peroxide mixture.
In 1987 Daniel Field whilst working as a hair colour consultant in Italy, came up with a replacement for ammonia. Ammonia had been used as an alkaline in hair colourants until then.
This alternative is called monoethernolamine (mea) and the first mea containing hair colour range was introduced into the UK by Daniel Field in 1988
The second breakthrough came two years later with the development of Fruity Booster, the worlds first harmless developer/peroxide.
We find that our O & M Colouring System does not cause the hair damage or scalp irritation associated with regular salon hair colourants and our client’s hair is soon in the perfect condition they were hoping for.

The Organic and Mineral Highlightening System
The O & M Lightening System is undoubtably the most important breakthrough in current hair bleach technology. Gone is the hair damage and hair breakage, most typical of normal salon bleached highlights. Daniel Field’s alternative system allows the oxidization required to lighten the hair to take place as normal. There is no loss of processing speed or degree of lightening but having discovered how to prevent the comparable degradation from a powerful oxidisation process like bleaching, at Daniel Field this is no longer considered ‘bad’ for your hair. Our salon is bursting at the seams with clients who have highlights yet their hair condition remains perfect.