Preventing Damage

The three main causes of hair damage are mechanical, thermal and chemical damage. All three causes can easily be prevented at Daniel Field and our regular clients who follow our advice are living proof.

Mechanical damage includes tearing hair when combing, brushing and setting. You can avoid mechanical damage by treating your hair gently. Dont ever rub your hair with a towel especially after swimming in salt water. Avoid tangling then tearing your hair, trim the ends regularly to prevent splitting.

Thermal damage includes heat damage from heat stylers.  Avoiding thermal damage is common sense. Don’t use high heat appliances like flat iron straighteners or curling irons and when styling combine low heat methods such as a blowdryer with styling products containing an effective heat protector.

Chemical damage includes hair colouring and lightening using peroxide and both perming and chemical relaxers.  Avoiding chemical damage is only possible at Daniel Field.  When you colour or lighten your hair with a developer/peroxide chemical damage is inevitable. Peroxide is an oxidant, and just like the sun, oxidisation is the only way to lighten natural hair colour but it also damages the hair. Daniel Field is the only pioneer who discovered how to oxidise hair without hair damage.

Semi, demi or permanent, lighter, darker, covering grey, whatever you desire, it can now all be carried out without hair damage]

When you perm your hair, chemical damage can be very extreme. Daniel was the first person to discover how to achieve the perfect perm without hair damage

 When you relax your hair, chemical damage is commonplace. Daniel was the first person to achieve this without chemicals including formaldehyde.

Other chemical damage includes Chlorine. Daniel has discovered how to instantly neutralise chlorine both from the hair and body.Ask about both chlorine protection and removal.