Jane Adams

I just want to tell the world just how incredible this Daniel Field Organic and Mineral hairdressing concept is. Okay, there are salons that are nice and caring and there are salons that won’t cost an arm and a leg. This is the first salon where they are consistently caring, don’t cost an arm and a leg but uniquely you really do end up with the hair of your dreams. I have been going there since 1983, too long to remember how bad my hair was but suffice to say it was typically ‘chemically treated’.  I have been grey, grey, grey, since I was 30. I am 69 now yet my hair looks and feels like it did as a child. I can’t encourage you enough to trust these people with your hair. It is a one-off place and  unique across the world. I have travelled there from the Midlands every six weeks now for around thirty years and I would never go anywhere else.