Sandra Glass

I was diagnosed with Cancer in June 2014 and had to start extensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy in July 2014.  I was warned that I would lose most of my hair due to the aggressive treatment.   My chemotherapy treatment finished at the end of October 2014 and still my hair continued to fall out.  At the end of November I went back to the hospital for my follow up appointment with the consultant and explained how distressing it was being left with a massive bald patch on my head with only part of my hair being saved at the​ sides; albeit about 70% hair loss total this far. Losing my lovely long thick hair which I had spent years looking after, was worse than going through the actual treatment.  Although she was very understanding, due to the pressures of the NHS was more concerned about saving my life than what was left of my hair.
My hair was wrecked and my scalp was encrusted with a thick layer of skin that was bleeding in places from my scratching it. I had to wear a wig all the time.  I was told not to use any colour products or even put heat on my hair for at least 6 -12 months.  I looked like a very old woman, and  the small amount of hair I had left had gone white instead of my natural brunette. I had aged more than 20 years just in these last few months.

Then a miracle happened….on the way home that night from the hospital, I noticed that the hairdressers which was just a few doors away from where I have only just moved to in Barnet, was still open and they were just closing for the day.  A lovely gentleman was standing next to the reception desk and asked me if he could help.  I explained my dilemma and that I felt really embarrassed about the state of what was left of my hair under my wig but this gentleman was so kind and considerate and he made me feel at ease.  He said to me “the angels must have sent you” and I replied “if they did, I only live a few doors away” and asked him why? Unbeknown to me, this was Daniel Field who is a world renowned specialist in hair care problems including Chemo Haircare and I had come to the only person in the country who could get my hair and scalp sorted.  He was absolutely right, the angels must have sent me .…….  Daniel told me to trust him and if I removed my wig now, he can see what can be done.  So I removed the wig…Daniel saw the state of my scalp which was encrusted and in an awful state and what was left of my remaining paper thin hair.  He then booked me an appointment to sort my scalp for the following week and in one treatment my scalp was perfect as well as being able to colour the bits of hair I had with his amazing PPD free Water Colour with no issue.  Then Daniel told me about his hair growth spray Hair Growth Active Concentrate  (HGAC) which I had to use morning and night.  I started using HGAC 1 on the 5th December 2014 when I only had fine bits of hair to the sides and back of my head with a big bald patch in the middle of my head and a bit of a fringe.   Every morning and night religiously I spray it onto my hair and just two months later I no longer have a bald patch! My hair stopped falling out and has grown back at an unbelievable rate, getting thicker and already is now a short bob, I no longer wear a wig and feel so much better, I even had my hair trimmed again twice!  My family and friends cannot believe how amazing my hair looks from just three months ago…these HGAC sprays (there are 2 versions) are 100% natural organic, fantastic for anybody going through the chemotherapy treatment or anyone who suffers from hair loss or thin hair, all I can say is use this product you will not be sorry as I have met many others there at the salon all of whom getting the same incredible results regardless of the hair loss cause!

I am now a regular client at the Daniel Field salon.

Thank you Daniel, you are more than fab! *****